The withdrawal of an international student:

International students who wish to withdraw from Otumoetai College must:

Provide written approval from their agent in lieu of parents' signing the leaving form.
Complete the school's leaving form.
Give homestay parents one weeks notice if this involves terminating their homestay arrangements.

The termination of an international students enrolment:

An international student once enrolled at a school has the same rights as a domestic student and cannot be excluded from school other than in accordance with the stand down and suspension provisions of the Education Act.

The decision to suspend a student will be made by the Principal on the grounds of gross misconduct or continual disobedience.

In addition where a decision is made to exclude a student from the school's homestay arrangements and this necessitates a return home, the following procedures will be followed:

The agent and parents of the international student will be notified of the matters causing concern.
A decision will be made as to whether the student should be given permission to enrol with an alternative provider in New Zealand.
The Principal's decision can be referred to the Board of Trustees where the student has been suspended or removed from the homestay.
The student has the right to attend the hearing and to be represented as provided for in the 1989 Education Act.

Final Considerations:

Students will choose to come to Otumoetai College because they wish to:

  • study at a large New Zealand secondary school which has excellent academic results
  • become part of a school in which there is a relatively small number of international students
  • live in a small city, which has a pleasant, safe, warm environment
  • have individual academic supervision and personal care.