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Download1. Board Roles and Responsibilities Policy 

Download2. Responsibilities of the Principal Policy 

Download3. Disciplinary Process in Relation to the Principal Policy 

Download4. Principal Professional Expenses Policy 

Download5. Reporting to the Board Policy 

Download6. Trustees' Code of Behaviour Policy 

Download7. Trustee Remuneration and Expenses Policy 

Download8. Conflict of Interest Policy 

Download9. Chairs Role Description Policy 

Download10. Staff - Student Trustee Role Description Policy 

Download11. The Relationship between the Board and the Principal Policy 

Download12. Principal's Performance Management Policy 

Download13. The Relationship between the Chair and the Principal Policy 

Download14. Meeting Process Policy 

Download15. Meeting Procedure Policy 

Download16. Board Induction Policy 

Download17. Board Review Policy 

Download18. Committee Policy 

Download19. Delegations Summary for Committees 

Download20. Concerns and Complaints Process 

Download21. Curriculum Delivery Policy 

Download22. Personnel Policy 

Download23. Appointments Policy 

Download24. Financial Planning Policy 

Download25. Financial Condition Policy 

Download26. Asset Protection Policy 

Download27. Protection and Sharing of Intellectual Property (Creative Commons) 

Download28. Health and Safety Policy 

Download29. Child Protection Policy 

Download30. Legal Responsibilities Policy